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Show Name - The name of a show formatted nicely. Search examples for this field are: "Lost", "Modern Marvels" and "Law & Order" (without quotes).
Date - Restrict results to a certain day. Date format is YYYY-MM-DD.
Quality - The "quality" of a show. Examples are: HDTV, DSR, 720p.
Release Group - The release group. Examples are: LOL, CTU, RIVER (there are many more).
Episode Title - The title of the episode. Only some releaes have this. I'm only providing it for perfection purposes. Example: "Vodka Myths" from the series Mythbusters.
Season Number - The number of the season.
Episode Number - Not sure why you would want to search for this. Perhaps the search results for the peremiers of all the shows might be of interest to you (place 1 in the season and 1 here).
Video Format - The video format. Typically this is XVID, sometimes DIVX releases as well.
Audio Format - The audio format. The only possibilities for this is AC3 5.1, AC3 2.0, MP3.
Modifier - The term "modifier" is a loose term that describes the nature of the release. It is generally either PROPER, but some do show up as NUKED, so be careful.
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